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Company Profile

The Data Intelligence Platform.

AVORA is a next generation data intelligence and machine learning platform radically changing the way that businesses and their staff can improve performance through data.

“The benefits have been abundant. The live reporting has meant we are able to action change within our business more quickly and thus have created greater efficiency resulting in improved profits” eSynergy Solutions

AVORA's simplified approach to data intelligence allows you to stay on top of your entire business, understanding why performance has changed, at the click of a button. Explore the biggest drivers behind any changes in your business so your teams can focus on what matters through shared dashboards & Smart Alerts, all helping you to make the right decisions, faster.

AVORA has been entrusted by market leaders within Retail such as Boohoo, Ocado, and in Media such as Karmarama, AKA and Adtrak to drive better performance through intelligent use of data.

AVORA changes how people connect with data by delivering meaningful real time insight and improving how businesses can respond to performance changes far quicker. Simplified, faster decision making, powered by AVORA, drastically reduces data blindspots as well as the time it takes to access critical information, transforming your business’ time to action.

“With the efficiency of reporting, AVORA will free up hours of valuable time every week” AKA UK