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Company Profile

Datalytyx is a leading UK provider of big data and analytics solutions and applications. We specialise in managed service cloud solutions that deliver rapid benefits and sustained return on investment. We improve organisational performance by digitising essential content, automating processes, storing and managing huge data volumes in smarter ways, deploying powerful, flexible analytics, and building creative, insightful visualisations. Subsequently, your valuable information becomes trustworthy. Facilitate faster, more effective, more profitable decision-making throughout your enterprise.

Together with our industry-leading partners – Talend, Cloudera, Microsoft, Tableau, K2 – Datalytyx continue to deliver high quality solutions to a diverse client base across multiple sectors who trust us to provide them with a leading competitive edge. Visit Our Work to find out more about the work we do with Our Partners.

We believe that every organisation large and small has the fundamental right to be able to unlock the nuggets of gold in the data they have access to, and to be able to take faster decisions that improve what they do and how they do it in real time.

We show people how they can achieve this and how others have achieved this before them. We provide skilled data engineers, solution architects and the right combinations of technology to enable them to do this.

Datalytyx was formed in 2014 from the merger of Dynamyx Limited and Managed Services Solutions Limited. These highly experienced team of both companies had closely collaborated on many joint clients since their inception in 2006 and 2008 respectively.