Information Catalyst


Company Profile

Information Catalyst delivers expertise in Services, Data, and Software. Ranging from consultancy, to innovative solutions in the field of (Big) Data, information interoperability, and integration. The ICE Data Platform (IDP) provides a virtualised environment to represent information assets, to visualise point, history, and analytics data and information, to control those assets, and to connect the information hierarchy of your organisation. Case studies include the 3D visualisation of factory assets with the shadow synchronisation between factory machines and these virtual representation, and the access and influencing of data between the virtual and physical worlds including on desktop, mobile, and augmented reality. ICE also provides analytics services using Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Machine Learning with implementation examples in the fields of counter-terrorism partnering with several state counter-terrorism units. ICE coordinates and executes multiple large scale initiatives involving multiple international partners ranging from fellow SME to corporates, from Universities to research institutes and in the range of 100K to 7M£. ICE contributes to voluntary groups such as Europe’s Big Data Value Association (BDVA) where ICE’s Director was the inaugural Secretary General and as SME Board member of European Software and Services European Technology Platform (NESSI).