Mike Ferguson will be revealing the results from the 4th Industrial Revolution survey.

The UK was the global pioneer of commercial computing with a proud history of putting data to work for business. Today, data analysis is out of the hands of the theorists forever. The smart analysis of data is driving wholesale change in fields from space to automotive, from advertising to logistics thanks to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

What is Britain’s role in this revolution? The largest survey of its kind, developed by an independent panel of industry experts drawn from utilities to publishing, academia to government has found out.

Covering everything from the level of data analysis competence in UK organisations to the Government’s levels of support for the data economy in a period of unprecedented uncertainty, this is the defining research project for those who make their living from data.

Revealing real-life insights into data at scale, this session will define the best way forward for tomorrow’s professionals and is a must-have attend for the Big Data community. With no vendor agenda, no data set like this exists today, giving those with early access a competitive advantage over others.

The UK faces a choice; to lead, using its traditional advantages of early technology adoption, through its development of technical talent homegrown and from overseas, and flexible governance, or by following in the footsteps of others who can better deploy and exploit data. The first Fourth Industrial Revolution report is to be discussed and analysed in this session and will aim to provide the insight and set the agenda for the UK as it once more seeks to make data its most valuable national resource.