Predictive analytics helps companies gain advantage. By drawing insight from the widest range of data sources, companies can build an accurate visualisation of the future and model their process to match. By helping them expect the unexpected, predictive analytics facilitates better planning, happier customers and healthier profits. However, sometimes you need to understand how analytical insights can be used by the organisation, and challenge established business processes to make the most of the opportunity.

Laurie will explain how all-too-common approaches to predictive analytics are stunting the technology’s potential. To maximise returns, he will explore the merits of having a lifecycle perspective when it comes to deployment and operation. He will recommend that attendees consider a more business-focused approach to using analytics and advise on how to adopt a holistic view of how data is used throughout the organisation.

Identifying obstacles that get in the way of effective integration, Laurie will also describe the new language data scientists must adopt to communicate predictive analytics to their colleagues, securing buy-in from crucial decision-makers and users. He will reference SAS’ work with brands like HSBC, Shop Direct and Travis Perkins to provide real-world examples of his recommendations in practice.

Attendees will gain practical advice on how to make the most of predictive analytics in any industry or vertical. They will receive expert guidance from Laurie on how to achieve smooth integration and avoid obstacles in operational deployment. Attendees will learn how to effectively challenge inefficiencies among people, processes and technologies, and how to use data science teams to get the most out of predictive analytics in their organisation.