Cloud is becoming pervasive, but the cloud isn’t always full of rainbows. Defining a strategy that works for your company for your use cases is critical to ensuring success. From databases, event streaming and real-time to analytics. Leveraging cloud as infrastructure versus tightly coupling to the cloud provider should be a key consideration for everyone.
Most cloud providers would prefer that every customer be tightly coupled with their proprietary services and APIs to create lock-in with that cloud provider. The savvy customer will leverage cloud as infrastructure and stay loosely bound to a cloud provider. This creates an opportunity for the customer to execute a multi-cloud strategy or even a hybrid on-prem and cloud solution. We will explore different use cases that may be best run in the cloud vs. on-prem and where opportunities exist to optimize cost and operational benefits in addition to HOW to get the data moved between locations. Security, backups, event streaming, databases, replication and snapshots will be discussed across a variety of use cases that run most businesses today.