HMRC sits at the centre of government, raising revenue of £575 bn to fund public services.
Being at the fulcrum of government brings much challenge and even greater opportunity to harness the power of the data that comes from over 45 million individual customers and around 5.4 million businesses. Releasing the value of this data we can deliver sound policy advice, improve services to our customers, target support to help customers pay the right tax and target interventions on those that choose not to pay, all at reduced cost to the public purse.

Our data strategy sits at the heart of the HMRC strategy. In this talk, I will explore how we are getting the fundamental building blocks in place to establish a truly data-driven organisation, recognising the privilege and responsibility we have with the data we hold. Knowing the value of the data is a necessary step. Harnessing the power of digital transformation, new technology, strategic partnerships and sophisticated insight, are all important. None of these is sufficient without consistent focus on culture change within the organisation. These are some of the themes I will explore in this talk.