In this session you will learn about the rising use of GPUs, one of the latest technology trends in real-time data processing, machine learning, and data discovery. James Mesney will discuss and demonstrate the power and real-time processing capabilities of GPU-accelerated, distributed, in-memory databases like Kinetica, exploring how this technology excels at solving real-world business and analytics problems for all types of data in motion. GPUs bring orders of magnitude more compute power, with a significantly smaller hardware footprint, to provide unrivalled analytic capabilities.

James will also share customer use cases for this technology, such as fraud detection and risk computation for financial services, sequencing data processing acceleration for healthcare, and route and fleet optimisation for retail and logistics companies. The integration with enterprise BI applications and open source software such as Spark, Kafka, and NiFi also will be discussed. James will highlight real-world production use-cases where businesses are making real-time a reality, and show a live demo illustrating real time ingest with advanced analytical queries across billions of rows of streaming data in milliseconds.