The value of an architecture doesn’t lie in a static picture on a whiteboard or even a well formed POC. It lies in a system’s ability to evolve over time. To grow and expand, not simply in terms of data, throughput or numbers of users, but as teams and organisation grow.

Streaming Platforms provide a unique basis for such systems. They embrace asynchronicity first and foremost. Forming a narrative of events that flow from service to service. But events are more than just a communication protocol. They are the facts of our business. A shared dataset sitting at the very heart of our system.

In this talk we’ll examine how Streaming Platforms change the way we build business applications. How we can embrace fine-grained, event driven services, wrap them in efficient transactional guarantees, and evolve our way forwards from legacies of old into a data-centric future where business logic and streaming data are one.