Speaker Profile

Steph Locke is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with a decade of business intelligence and data science experience.

Having worked in a variety of industries (including finance, utilities, insurance, and cyber-security,) Steph has tackled a wide range of business challenges with data.

Among others, Steph has…
Built intelligent real-time rate-for-risk pricing models,
Created systems for predicting who isn’t going to pay their mortgage,
Designed anomaly detection platforms for web activity,
And created models for predicting products cross-sale opportunities.

Through these and many other projects, Steph has tackled a wide array of technical challenges.

Furthermore, Steph’s built teams, developed processes, and sat on high-level committees; helping to align data teams to business strategy.

Helping people use their data more effectively has been Steph Locke’s passion for a long time.

Steph was awarded the MVP Data Platform award from Microsoft, as a result of organising training and sharing her knowledge with the technical community.

Steph has a broad background in the Microsoft Data Platform and Azure. She’s equally conversant with open source tools; from databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, to analytical languages like R and Python.

Steph is able to advise and contribute to building your entire data platform, including the applications capturing data, building data platforms, data analysis, and delivering operational data science models.

This breadth of knowledge and experience ensures Steph can get to the heart of a business’ data problems and solve it effectively.

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